Playing at an online casino can be thrilling and fun, but what happens when the payment information you give is taken and used by someone else? Identity theft is a real issue, especially in some new online casinos just like those neatly listed here for your reference.

Luckily, there are a lot of easy steps you can take to help prevent identity theft from becoming a reality for you.


  • 1. Read the security policy on the site
    It may seem boring, but this policy dictates how the company will keep your details safe from theft. This is very important knowledge to have, as you will have to give the company some sort of financial information in order to make a deposit. Make sure they take about security measures they will take such as encrypting data and securing payments.
  • 2. Check reviews for new online casinos
    If people have been scammed by an online site or have experienced identity theft online, they are usually very vocal about it to warn others about the dangers of a certain place. Before you give any sort of personal details away, check and see if you can find any sort of negative reviews that mention security issues on a particular online casino.
  • 3. Never share personal information with other players
    If another player ever asks for any personal information, do not give it to them. You don’t really know who this person is, so it’s better not to risk giving away the information to the wrong person.
  • 4. Do not give out unnecessary personal details
    Scam websites might ask for information that they don’t really need. Make sure that any details you are giving away are relevant to the website and what you need to do. Any additional details might be used against you or sold to advertising companies.